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Urban Fable

Lost in a world of the modern man the creatures that were once fantasy dwell without a goal.

urban, fable, lost, world, modern, creatures, that, #were, once, fantasy, dwell, without, goal

The Dutch Lounge

A Place Were You Can Meet Poeple Have Fun And Relax..

dutch, lounge, place, #were, meet, poeple, have, relax

,,Twegmrz::Cod 1/2*

, Twegmrz::Were playing Quick, Silent and Deadly!

free, forum, twegmrz::were, playing, quick, silent, deadly!

Expertise gaming site !

Were a COD 1 Gaming clan. were based in The Netherlands. Feel free to join us if you think you have the skilss !

expertise, gaming, site, #were, clan, based, netherlands, feel, free, join, think, have, skilss

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